Install HabPanel on Windows 10

Does anyone got HabPanel installed on Windows 10??

I can Google however deep I want, I’m finally directed to the MicroSoft Store in order to download as an App. For whatever reasons, the is not an option on the Windows 10 version running on this wall-in PC (industry panel PC from HemaTec). So is there an alternative to somewhere download a windows setup or an EXE + consfig? Or do I really have to fetch the GIT repository and compile a version myself? Any comment is greatly appreciated.

In a broader sense, is there any alternative way to provide a user interface? For long I actually regret having started with OpenHab - after some people here reprimanded me to use OpenHab as the base of 24/7/365 lighting management system for a bird sanctuary with very precise requirements for dimming, etc., I took those comments seriously and automated whatever I could on KNX directl, rendering OpenHab down to the user interface. However, I’m done - not slightest idea hoiw to make this HabPanel work on the mentioned hardware and neither I was granted success in having OpenHab on the PI talk to the KNX installation via the Weinzier module.

I’m a very small stride away from throing it out of the window an order a Gira Home Server or such alike for the user interface.

So, now throwing my frustration all on you folks, I hope getting out of this sink by a few tips - there are obviously so many OpenHab users… it can’t be as bad as I currently make it. Even there are many questions, I’ll go oen step after the other and start with HabPanel.

Help greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Christian.

Its been a long time since I tried the Windows App. I just use a browser in kiosk mode instead. You can create a boot up script that even opens chrome into kiosk mode (if you had linux this is even easier).

Do I understand this right - you’re not using HabPanel at all but a ??Browser Frontend?? as the user interface. I’m perfectly fine with that but you may already realized, that I’m a bit lost at the moment and patience is not one of my virtues:-)

So, what is that front-end of yours? I think I can get Chrome running on Windows 10 and even I have not a glue right know what “kiosk mode” actually means, I start googeling:-))

Thanks and cheers,

Openhab has multiple different user interfaces for historical reasons.

All are browser based, therefore you do not need a specific app to be installed.

HabPanel is one of them, than there is basicUI/sitemaps from previous versions and with OH3 there was MainUI added.

If you start new have a look at MainUI, if you have already build a dashboard within HabPanel just use your browser on your wall pc

I use HabPanel as a browser frontend on some touchpads. There is an app out there on Android also called HabPanel, this is older and virtually was just an kiosk app that took you to the same interface. Kiosk mode hides all components of a browser so that you are only left with the page you are wanting to display, be it HabPanel, MainUI, BasicUI etc. If you have not started using openHAB’s alternate UIs yet I would try to learn MainUI and stick with that one. The newer openHAB apps now work with MainUI and all the others so HabPanel is mostly redundant today.

Josh and Matthias, thank you guys!
I just updated the and, as you advised, get started with MainUI. On the HemaTec Panel I’d check-out the kiosk-mode, as suggested. As for WeinZierl KNX I give it a last shot and then I switch to the IP-Gateway as this is recommended by the community here anyway.
I’ll keep you posted.

Hey there, sorry to hear that you’re having trouble installing HabPanel on your Windows 10 system. I recently switched back to Windows 10 myself and have been having some similar issues with certain apps. I discovered some helpful tips on the Reddit Windows keys sub that might be worth checking out.
Regarding your issue with HabPanel, have you tried downloading the source code from the GitHub repository and compiling it yourself? It might be worth a shot if you’re unable to find a Windows setup or EXE file.
In terms of alternative user interfaces for OpenHab, have you considered trying out MainUI? I’ve heard that it’s a great alternative to HabPanel and works well with the newer openHAB apps.