Install jar file in openhabian pi (Hassle-free version)

Hi, I’m sorry if I post in wrong category.
I’m very new to openhab and want to connect google home
How do i install jar files?

Go to PaperUI -> Add-Ons -> Bindings and simply click on “Install” next to the desired binding:

I recommend to start with the basics:

Thanks, that it how I normally do for all other bindings but I can’t get hueemulation to be recognized by google home so I have found several suggestions to download and install the jar file in first post instead.

Then just put it in your /addons folder … uninstall the old binding first.

Edit: but why would you want to install an old 2.0.0 (from your link) version binding?
I know that people try using snapshot bindings in a stable runtime, but that would be this jar:$

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