Install Log Viewer Web UI on Synology Diskstation?

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I’ve successfully installed OpenHAB 2 on my Synology Diskstation, installed bindings, created items and sitemaps. Everything’s fine and working. In some YT videos I have seen a log viewer which can be selected from the OH web UI beside paper UI, basic UI, … How can I install this? I haven’t found any add-on in paper UI, which I could relate to log viewing. And what is the initial password when im logged in on openHAB? I can get to see “openHAB 2.4.0 Release Build”, but for sudo I need a password and the standard passwords I’ve found in the web (openhab, habopen, openhabian) are not accepted…

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Doc MC

It’s not part of openHAB. It’s a third party application called Frontail that gets installed for you when you install openHABian. You can add the link to Frontail to your dashboard by editing dashboard.cfg.

I have no idea how to install it on a Synology. You will need to search Google.

Logged in how? ssh? The sudo password is the password of the user you logged in as. That’s how sudo works. If you are logged into the Karaf Console (i.e. ssh to port 1801) then there is no such thing as sudo and even if there was you can’t install software through the console. You can only do the sorts of things you can do through PaperUI (e.g. install openHAB addons).

What documentation did you follow? If that is a Docker install, the operating system user information for SSH should be in that documentation, That is separate from OpenHAB though.

I followed the instruction and installed the file from the site.
At the first start of openhab, I selected the standard package, resulting in paper UI, basic UI, habpanel and homebuilder. Here I would appreciate to also have a log viewer.

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Oh clear, then I was on the Karaf Console. No wonder. Thank you for clarification!

If your Synology supports Docker (depending on the concrete model) you can install frontail as a separate container and link it to your dashboard like @rlkoshak mentioned.

Thank you all for the hints. Then I know what to try next (frontail, docker).

Topic closed for me. Docker can only be installed for Synology DS218+ and higher models. I’ve got the DS218… :frowning: