Install OH2.1 in Docker container on Synology DSM 6.1

I’m a complete noob. I played around with OH2 on a RPi3, but now I want to get serious and install on my new Synology DS918+. I would like to install in a Docker container. Synology is on DSM 6.1.

I know I have no right to ask for it, but I’d really like a step by step on how to install. All of the instructions I’ve found to date are either 1) for a version of DSM < 6.0 or 2) generic, more appropriate to a RPi install.

I’m new to Docker and to openhab - would appreciate any help anyone can offer.

I’ve tested some more, and here’s the issues I’m having:

  1. I’ve created folders outside the docker container for conf, user data and addons, but I don’t know what the appropriate mount inside the image is.
  2. I don’t know what to put into the environment variables for EXTRA_JAVA_OPTS, but it won’t let me configure advanced settings without it.
  3. Even if I just install the image as downloaded and run it, I can’t get to the webpage for initial configuration (8080). I have host network settings in place, but my machine says it can’t access the IP.
    One thing I may be missing - I don’t have anything installed in the docker container other than openhab. Do I need to install a JRE?

One final thing: I don’t know anything about configuring a user on Synology for the docker container, so I haven’t done that - which seems to be a fairly prominent feature in the instructions I can find. Is that an issue?