Install Openhab on Pi OS

I am new to the Openhab world, I have a question I have a Pi4 with running Pi OS and now want to install Openhab. Even if it is easy for most. How do I turn it on?
Thanks a lot from a beginner.

Hi Thomas,
welcome to the openHAB commnity!
I strongly recommend to go for Option 1 of How to install openhab.
Basically you copy an entire image from your PC to an SD or SSD, plug it into your Pi and openHAB installs itself.
On an SDD it takes less than 10 Minutes and on an SD I think it takes 30-45 minutes.

Hi Oliver, First of all, thank you for the welcome, yes, I know that. I have a Pi with OpenHAB and a Pi with PI OS and would like to install OpenHAB here now, or is there a Pi OS on the Pi with OpenHAB, how do I get to the Pi OS Dashboard?

You can decide either way.
To be more clear:

  • Option 1 includes Pi OS + openhab + automatic installation of openhab
  • Option 2 requires an installed Pi OS and you do all the installation yourself

What do you mean with “Pi OS dashboard”?

Sorry, I mean the graphic interface:

Ah. Now I got you. No, this does not come with the downloads provided here.
You will need to take care of yourself to install your GUI. I nevere did, so somebody else will answer.

Hi Oliver, found it. Thank you