Install Openhabian on Top of Libreelec Image?

I have Z83 II running Libreelec (the Image) and want to use the same as a Openhab - Server. Is this possible or do I have to change the operating system? I tried Ubuntu Server, which worked perfect with OH2 but I can´t handle to get sound in KODI. So I tried Libreelec and install OH2 on top, but the apt-get commands doesn´t work.

LibreElec is a special version oriented towards Kodi and does not have all operating system parts available to run an openHAB server.
I have one Raspbian RPi which runs Kodi (but this is not my openHAB server), so I guess this could be a solution. Or buy another cheap RPi and use separate hardware for this :sunglasses:

Don’t !
LibreELEC is an appliance, meaning it’s intentional that nothing else but Kodi is running on there, so you definitely don’t want to run openHABian on top.
Either way, we always also recommend to run OH on a dedicated machine, i.e. to not run any other SW in addition to OH. Doing so gets most people into trouble - some sooner, some later. Some never, but your home is too valuable to put it at risk.
Easiest and safest is to get another SBC such as a Pi 3 and use the openHABian image.


I run openhab on top of libreelec for a year or more with no issues. having said that, I have clean libre install on chromebox, then docker installed in libre, and openhab2+grafana+influxdb+mosquitto+mqtt-bridge+frontail containers all running on docker.

I do plan to get/build another machine for kodi, and then use chromebox for openhab/3dprinting stuff. but for now everything is running just fine.

you can even install docker as a plugin in kodi

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Do u have zwave plugin? I tried to do so but the usb is not recognized by libreelec kernel at all.