Install openHABian with desktop environment

is it possible to install the raspbian desktop environment in openHABian? i would like to boot into the desktop so i can use a touch screen monitor and also VNC into it while im at my desk. this is for using the pi as a central hub mounted on the wall with HABPanel. i tried “raspi-config > boot options > desktop/cli > desktop autologin” and it installed several packages. i then tried “raspi-config > interfacing options > VNC” and more packages were installed. however, i can only VNC into the lightdm login screen. i enter the username and password, the screen goes black, and then returns me to the login screen.

is the only way to install raspbian and openHAB separately? i really like the non bloated, essential only features, and vim optimization that openHABian comes with by default.

lol i always seem to answer my own questions. just needed a google search with some keywords that i didnt think of at the time. raspbian uses the LXDE desktop environment by default so… i found this:

[GUIDE] Raspbian Lite with RPD/LXDE/XFCE/MATE/i3/Openbox/X11 GUI

from my understanding, openHABian is based off raspbian lite so this should work. ill let you know how it goes.

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heres a link to my project. i followed that guide and it works like a charm

[WIP] My openHAB setup with a touch screen interface