Installating OPENHAB2 on windows 10 32 bit

Until now, I have been testing openhab 2 on 64 bit windows 10.
Now I want to move to my productive 32 bit windows 10 installation.

OPENHAB 2 is closing with an error message, linking to a crowed Oracle webpage leaving me lost.

What exactly do I have to install. I have tried already the java development kit but this seems be incorrect. I did not find the java server kit for 32 bit OS.

Any idea?

On my W10 64Bit I just had to download the plain 32Bit Java Version:

This was actually my first shot. but this did not work.
I also had the java_home enviroment variable set.
Must be something else.

What I also did, I have copied the whole directory that I had on my 64 bit machine to the 32 bit machine.
Could this be wrong, that some files do not match with 32 bit?

I don’t think so …
I would recommend to delete everything (save your conf folder), download a new copy of oh2, set
package = demo
in your addons.cfg and see if it works.

Then you can be sure that your old setup (configs and bindings) are not the cause of the problems.

your suggestion worked.
At least openhab 2 is starting.
But I am receiving much more errors than I used to have on my other machine.

Thanks for your support.

I had that once in a while too, but restarting openhab2 solved it. But it still occurs sometimes after restart and I haven’t found a solution yet.
But my production system still is oh1, so it is not urgent to me … :slightly_smiling:

“But my production system still is oh1, so it is not urgent to me”

Same with me and also I have not really discovered the killer feature of openhab 2 making me to really wanting it strongly. But it is still early time. My personal bets are 50:50 that I will be on openhab 1 when year is ending.

Right now I am just testing it a bit to contribute to the development.