Installation and network problems


i started my installaion on my raspberry. I logged in with name password, but then I get a failure: Ensuring network connectivity…FAILED

I have the raspberry directly on my router
can you help me?

Check that nothing is blocking the RPI, like a firewall. Verify the Ethernet cable is good or try with another. Check that you are using a good 5v 2.5A power supply, preferably the official raspberry pi supply. If using a weak power supply and trying to install with the openhabian image, you may want to re flash the card after changing the power supply to clear any corruption.

Did you install by flashing the image onto the SD card, using apt-get or manual install?

I have the image onto my sd-card

How can check if something blocking the RPI?

Look at your router, check your firewall settings.

How did you flash the image, using Etcher?
What power supply are you using?

Can you post a picture or log of error?

Yeas, I used Etcher for the image

You will need to google network debug on raspian.

At the point you are at you should be able to type control c and get a shell prompt. Once there check your ip setting and dns. Try to ping for example.

I have seen the need to add google public dns to your network config on the pi. This can be done in the dhcpcd.conf. Add there is a line you should see that could possibly just be I commented. Then reboot. I suspect you have some type of router issue causing the pi to not get what it needs.