Installation Issue!

Hello community.
I’m new to openhab. I was trying to install openhabian onto my Rpi3.
I download the openhabian file. configured the wifi settings so as to connect to my iphone hotspot and then plugged it into my rpi.

the site says, that we should be able to see that status of the installation.
" Wait approximately 15-45 minutes for openHABian to do its magic.
(You can check the progress in your web-browser here.)"

but my page says that the site cant be reached. once it opened up the site but said: openhab server not responding"

The wifi is getting connected to the iphone hotspot but the status cannot be seen.

Any suggestions?

ok, I found the issue.
we have to use openhab.local:8080

Please tick the solution

openhab. Так ? я уже все перепробовал, 6 часов сижу и ненавижу все

In english only please. Thank you

I have the same problem. On Malinka 3 b+ I load openhab and after loading I can’t go on Malinka’s ip. Try everything… and on Wi-Fi and on a wire and the monitor connected and after the address of the Malinka: 8080 put. reinstalled 3 times and tried everything already. Please help me solve the problem . wifi and wire