Installation openhab2 with NHC and google assistant


I have installed Openhab2 on a windows 10.
I have installed binding NHC and openhab cloud and all is ok.
I discover all my niko home programmation (all items are found and functionnaly on Openhab2)

Then, i go on my google assistant with my s8 i go on add device et put add openhab. i have message that association ok but nothing appear in settings google assistant no room nothing. In device i dont see openhab installed.

In openhab cloud, i see a message that google assistant is authorized.

When i say sync device i have message no assistant installed…?

I try to delete all items to let only 1 switch but always same problem.

I dont work in file because its a bit hard for me

Thank you for your help and good job for openhab :slight_smile:

You need to add a “tag” to the items that you want to appear in google home.

“Lighting” for switches and lights

See this post for the thermostats:

Thx for your answer. When i go on repertory item i have only 1 file (readme) and nothing else.-
I see my items only in paperui ->config->item
Where i can add tag?


You are going to have to bite the bullet and use the text files

You can add tags to items defined in paper UI using the REST api.

i have in paperui:


On/Off type action in Niko Home Control

Status: ONLINE



In file its:
Switch Cuisine “Cuisine” { channel=“nikohomecontrol:onOff:440e00edfdbd:20:switch” } [ “Lighting” ] ?

I must delete all item in paperui?

There is no real need to do textual configuration.

Make sure ‘REST Documentation’ is installed in paperUI. You can find it under Add-ons, Misc. Go to the rest api under hostname:8080/doc. Under items, you find PUT tag (last one under items). Just fill in your itemname and tag and apply.

I agree textual configuration may be easier in the long run, but I have it set up this way myself.


I try with rest documentation.
i see my item:
“link”: “”,
“state”: “NULL”,
“type”: “Switch”,
“name”: “nikohomecontrol_onOff_440e00edfdbd_20_switch”,
“label”: “Switch”,
“category”: “Switch”,
“tags”: [],
“groupNames”: []

But with add tag, i have error 405 (not editable)

Remove the link of the item and the channel in paper ui
And keep your text file. It’s more flexible


In text file dimmer and switch are ok :slight_smile:


One more question:

For my onkyo receiver, can i control with google assistant for on/off and sound?