Installation OpenHab2

i have a problem with the instalation of OH2, i just follow the steps which are discribed in the documantation. Everything is okay till the step when i start run as-> openhab runtime. then i get a fail in eclipse:

Fehler: Hauptklasse $name$\OpenHab2\git\openhab-distro\features\openhab-demo-resources.src.main.resources konnte nicht gefunden oder geladen werden!
(fail: Mainclass $name$\OpenHab2\git\openhab-distro\features\openhab-demo-resources.src.main.resources can’T be found or loaded)

I don’t have folder called git in my OpenHab2 folder! but i have still installed maven git and JDK? But in the git folder isn’t a folder with openhab-distro?

thanks for any kind of help!!!

Sry i have found the path i look in the wrong folder. The path is correct but why OH2 cant load it?

Just to be sure, you followed these instruction?:

yes i follow the installation, and now i want to learn about binding development. But if i follow the introduction for the eclipse IDE i can’t do the step “Running”(Run as->OpenHAB Runtime). If i do i get the problem which i describt above.

Suddenly there appears a message that org.eclipse.ui.ide is missing. In the debug configurations i can choose other kinds but i dont know what i can choose respectively i have to? Further there arent any information about that in the documantary…

Are there any addiitonal ideas? i don’T now what to do -.-

finally it works! The problem was the path!


I have exactly the same problem as described. I checked out the path an everything seems to be correct. Can you please tell me what you have done? Thx

check if there is any blank (i hope is the right word in englisch :slight_smile: (in German: Leerzeichen) in the path. Maybe: C:\userPreName userName\openHAB… That was my problem!

Thx a lot! Removed the blank and everything is running fine :slight_smile:

u’re welcome