Installation problem

I try to install openHAB2 and want to use it with my Raspberry Pi2. I did the installation according to
If I start it on my terminal ( it runs. But when I try to set the autostart according to point 3 with:
sudo systemctl enable openhab
I get the following mistake:
pi@raspberrypi / $ sudo systemctl start openhab
sudo: systemctl: command not found
What is going wrong here. Have I forgot something?

I have installed Wheezy and Samba. And then openHAB2. Thats all. Do I have to install openHAB in advance?

By the way, to get the zwave binding in operation, do I load the zwave binding in the addon folder only or are there any additional tasks necessary?

I think there might be a typo - please try using sysctl in place of systemctl.

On wheeze you use the command sudo service openhab start. Systemctl works on Jessie but not wheezy.

It’s not a typo - the guide says it’s for Raspbian Jessie and that you need to have systemd installed.

I’m really frustrated. Whatever I do it fails. Now I tried to get the Jessie into operation but I do not get access via SSH. By using a monitor and a keyboard I see that SSH is enabled. But I get no access.
By using Wheezy I get access via SSH and can start openHAB2 via But not automatic when the system reboots. Why it is so complicate?
What can I do to be happy with openHAB2. It seems to be a really good system but I can’t find an instruction manual. This would really help.

Hi Stefan,

3 remarks:

  1. installing some software as a system service is not a feature of openHAB, but of the OS that you use. If that process is crappy, blame the OS.
  2. If you are new to openHAB, you should not use openHAB 2 since it is beta, therefore known to be buggy, and there is intentionally no end user documentation available so far.
  3. Since you seem to be German, you might be interested in this tutorial.