Installation took a long time on my Raspberry Pi 1 Mod. B+

  • Platform information: Raspberry Pi 1 Mod. B+
  • Issue of the topic: installation took a long time

Hello everybody. I tried to install latest version of openhab (openhabian-pi-raspbian-201908050414-gitca0976f-crc6a66b5a1.img.xz) on my Raspberry Pi 1 Mod. B+. While every try the installation took more than 1.5 hours and the configuration tool didn´t assume the changes for example timezone and language. After every reboot it also took quite a while (round about more than 15 minutes) before I can enter my username and password. I tried two different SD Cards (Samsung SDHC Evo+ 32GB UHS Class 1 + UHS-Buslogo I and Standard 8GB SD-Karte SDHC Class 6 + UHS-Buslogo I). Is such a long installation and starttime normal for an openhab installation? Thanks for your help.


It is not recommended to use a Pi 1 or Zero.
Please upgrade to a Pi with more RAM.

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Yes on a Raspi1 B+, yes