Installed OH2 and where to start with my ESP8266 nodes

Dear community,

i just started with a fresh OH2 installation. Got some ESP8266 as room nodes (DHT22, LDR, PIR and reed contacts for garage door opening status) via mqtt set up and reporting values to hiveMQ.
So what i want to do now ist to link those nodes via MQTT to my fresh openhab.

What i figured out so far:
x got OH2+designer up ad running
x installed mqtt binding via paper ui

My questions:
1: where to start first?
1.1: starting the home.item file filling it with the first node?
2: where to configure the mqtt binding? via designer only?

99: Where to configure the yahoo weatherbinding?
100: what i have anderstood so far… i could use the designer and edit via textfiles is prefered?

thx in advance for your help!


did you look at the various sections here:
there is a great writeup in there on how to start in the tutorials section:
and you will find a lot of your questions answered in the user manual:
A description of all OH2 bindings and how to configure them are under “Add-ons”:
hope this helps