Installing 2.4 stable now 2.5 has been released

Hi All,

How do we install 2.4 as by default the docs auto install 2.5, which I do not want. Why would the install instructions point to the new file if its not the stable release as yet?


2.5 is now the latest stable as it was released a few days ago.

If you really want to install the older version 2.4 stable which is not the latest you need to do this…

Thanks Matt

did you get how to install openhab2 version 2.4?

They installed it in December 2019, before bintray was shut down on May 1, 2021?

The official binaries for 2,4 do not exist except, possibly on Docker Hub. there is absolutely no reason to install 2.4 or expect support for that old a version here on the user forum.

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