Installing from build enviroment

Just a quick one, may be something I just don’t get. In the old world(OH1), I used to be able to make changes, and build using “mvn clean install”, and I’d wind up with a bunch of .zip files in the target directory, which I could then open and copy/paste what I needed to to a running openhab(obviously stopping/starting when I do it).

Question is, in the new world none of that seems to happen anymore. I can make changes to specific addons, but I need to then go into the individual directories and grab the jar files, etc… which is obviously a pain.

Is there a step I am missing to create the,, etc?

OH 1.x or OH 2? Not that I can help with either but if you are referring to OH 2 please add the openhab2 tag to your post. The text implies that you are referring to OH 2.

If you git checkout 1.8, you will have the full OH1 branch like before.

Yea, I know that but I was wondering if at some point we’d be getting some of the same for 2.x series. Right now 2.x is not for me I don’t think, as I need the ability to be able to write files directly to a web accessible path, but in the future it’d be nice.

My house for the most part runs “bleeding edge” and has done so for the better part of a year, but having to pick and choose w/ 2.x makes that difficult to do regularly although I’m sure I could script it.