Installing Gardena Binding

Hi there,

I am trying to change my system from OpenHAB 1 to OpenHAB 2. One major advantage for me is that I learned there is a binding for the Gardena Smart System, which I also find on GitHub etc. Unfortunately, I am not able to install the addon in my setup - neither via addons.cfg nor via the PaperUI. The Gardena addon is simply not displayed. Am I doing something wrong? If so, could anybody point me at the right place?

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What I forgot: I am using the deb archive provided via bintray on Debian…



Is your System and openhab up to date?

Well, how could I tell? Debian is up to date, and I use the recent Debian package from bintray (apt shows version 2.0.0-1).

If you log in to karaf, which build is displayed?

Same here.

Although the Gardena Binding is listed here it’s not listed as available Add-On using PaperUI.

I’m running the latest stable release version on Debian Jessy installed via apt-get.

Thx for any help!


Im using the gardena binding on snapshot release (current build 814).
May @Kai could tell us, when the binding goes into stable release?

It is part of 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT, so clearly it will be part of a future 2.1.0 release.

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Karaf just shows “2.0.0 Release build”, nothing more. But I learn from the more recent answers that I cannot use the addon right now using the release or the beta channel?! From what I read about the snapshots, you do not encourage people to use this in a productive environment, right?

Im using snapshots in productive and got no Problems about stability.