Installing Habmin on OH2

i installed OH2 and changed amy configuration from OH1 to OH2. All is working so far.

I also installed habmin (addons.cfg). But when i open my webfrontend of OH2 and want to open habmin, i get a page with a downloadlink.

Do i have to install this separatly or is installation with addons.cfg enough?

Either through addons.cfg:

ui = habmin

or just hit the install button in PaperUI:

The strange thing is, i already added this to addons.cfg at the beginning of my OH2.

And it´s blue in PaperUI, so i only can uninstall it.

Then I guess you have at some point messed up your installation.
You could try deleting userdata/cache and userdata/tmp folder and restart to see if that helps.
Also have a look at your initial setup package and change it accordingly:

It´s a fresh installation and i tried it after first boot, there i also wasn´t able to open habmin.

Maybe i explained it the wrong way.

Habmin opens, when i click on the icon and i can open the things on the left side of habmin. The download page is on the main screen in the middle. But when i press charting and charting editor, i get a page to edit charts.

I only don´t know how to get a chart. And i don´t know, how i can test my rules with the rule editor to see, if they are good.

This is my start screen:

Sorry, never used both of that, cannot help.