Installing MQTT binding in OpenHAB 2.0 break HUE binding

I Installed MQTT Binding, and immediately after the installation, HUE binding stops working. The OpenHAB log shows the following error while initializing my HUE thing:

“java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.eclipse.smarthome.config.core.Configuration.get”

No mqtt specific errors are shown.

Even after uninstalling the MQTT Binding and restarting OpenHAB, the error persists. I uninstalled and re-installed HUE Binding but the error remains. I needed to recover from a backup.

In Paper UI, the Extensions option in Menu is not shown.

My setup: OpenHAB 2.0 running on Raspberry pi3, ubuntu-mate 16.04

Any ideas?

There was a small change in the ESH API, which unfortunately now requires bindings to be recompiled in order to run on latest distro builds, see
So please compile the MQTT binding again and the new binary should work as expected.

I have just released a new stable ESH build which contains - so on the latest distro, “old” bindings should again work without the need to recompile them!