Installing Node.js

Hi, I just finished installing open Hab and trying to integrate Tuya.
so all the tutorials I came across says Installed node.js is the Prerequisite.
How do I do that? I already googled, as a beginner, it’s all overwhelming. Thank you.

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Welcome to the openHAB Community @Kamal_Krishna :heart:

First of all, we do here openHAB support and are not a general help desk.
Many people here will still gladly help you tho, but you need to provide better / more information about your setup.

You can read this topic here, which really helps new users asking the right questions :slight_smile:

Right now I have no clue what OS you are running (Windows, Linux, MacOS etc.)
So I can not provide the correct information and need to do the work 3x times for every os.

Please provide more information, thanks :slight_smile:


If you install openHABian and select the log viewer, it installs node.js. I suspect it is a package in your OS. How is this an openhab question?