Installing OH on Synology with port 8080 and 8443 in use

Hi, I tried to install OH by running the spk file on Synolgy disktation DS716+II but got error on ports in use. I believe the OH needs port 8080 and 8443 but both are in use by the Unifi controller that’s installed. Can I change the listening ports in the OH config in the installation package before installing? Many thanks!

Not easily. There’s no simple config option anywhere to the best of my knowledge.
It’s definitely better to run OH on a dedicated system such as a RPi.

Ok, Thx for the swift reply. Will try the Rpi

I change port Unifi controller (8080 -> 7080, 8443 -> 7443).
Uncomment and change line in file

Best regards

THx! Very kind but already changed to Rpi.