Installing openHAB2 through apt

is there an “apt-get” install for openhab2?
I think not but…
I have a working RPi of “Christmas” version of openhab2 which is working but I battled a lot of things because of my lack of understanding of linux (security, systemd, the list goes on).
Anyway, I want to install in the most “openhab” way possible.

Is the best way still to unzip the zips and move them to /opt/openhab/
create an openhab user
etc. etc.

Not yet, see

Yes, see

Thank you Kai.

I’m having trouble FINDING the executables I need for the recent OH2 Beta 1.
Nothing seems to have the addons nor demo files.

Going to @Kai 's getting started link above at github above there is discussion about the distribution zip but if I download the zip from the top of the page I get the source files - that is still out of my league.

Going to
and downloading openHAB 2 Beta Offline Distro I do not get the demo or any addons

Going to
and downloading offline-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT is also missing any demo/addons

Are the full executables, demo and addons still available for people that haven’t learned how to compile stuff (I’m a new user using Raspbian Jessie RP9 2 guy, if it matters).

You need to read the getting started more carefully:

Note that all “normal” add-ons are already included in the openHAB distribution and all you need is to name them in your ‘addons.cfg’ file (see below)

There simply are no zips for demo and addon in openHAB 2, so it is no wonder that you cannot find them :slight_smile:

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A follow-up question: does that include the OH version 1 addons also. Or do you have to download them as before?

The reason for asking is that I need the mqtt binding in OH2. The new version of the mqtt addon seems to be cooking in the eclipse smarthome repository, but is yet to be finalised.

Thanks for any input…

I too am wondering how to get, for example, my InsteonPLC or Chamberlain MyQ v1.8 stuff configured.

I’ve got the demo working now, plus I’ve added My items Insteon items with a small add to the sitemap to show them, and they all show…

But they are not actually binding to Insteon and I don’t see any messages in /opt/openhab/userdata/logs/openhab.log:

2016-01-16 11:27:43.854 [INFO ] [arthome.ui.paper.internal.PaperUIApp] - Stopped Paper UI
2016-01-16 11:27:43.881 [INFO ] [.dashboard.internal.DashboardService] - Stopped dashboard
2016-01-16 11:28:18.929 [ERROR] [org.eclipse.smarthome.core.transform] - [org.eclipse.smarthome.action.transformation.action(78)] Circular reference detected, getService returning null
2016-01-16 11:28:39.686 [INFO ] [arthome.ui.paper.internal.PaperUIApp] - Started Paper UI at /ui
2016-01-16 11:29:48.069 [WARN ] [nce.extensions.PersistenceExtensions] - There is no queryable persistence service registered with the name 'rrd4j'
2016-01-16 11:29:48.076 [WARN ] [nce.extensions.PersistenceExtensions] - There is no queryable persistence service registered with the name 'rrd4j'
2016-01-16 11:29:53.647 [WARN ] [] - Dispatching event to subscriber 'org.eclipse.smarthome.core.internal.items.ItemUpdater@14ac15a' takes more than 5000ms.
2016-01-16 11:29:53.652 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Heating_GF_Corridor changed from OFF to ON
2016-01-16 11:29:53.761 [WARN ] [] - Dispatching event to subscriber 'org.eclipse.smarthome.core.internal.items.ItemUpdater@14ac15a' takes more than 5000ms.

(side note: is this the right and only place to look for logs?)

For example, I’ve copied my working insteonplm.cfg file to the new, clean install at /opt/openhab/conf/services/
Added the previously working items and small sitemap addition.
And adding the 1.8 insteonplm binding to ./conf/addons/ but I don’t get any data from insteon devices (everything 0, off, etc).z
And I don’t see ANYTHING about insteonplm in the logs.

I’ve tried my Ecobee items too (also 1.8) with no luck either so it’s not insteonplm specific (i did get an ecobee starting / stopping in the log but no data or errors).

I notice a bunch of “1.9 SNAPSHOT” files with names like insteonplm, ecobee, etc. so I thought maybe it’s similar to the demo and “they’re built in karaf somehow” so I deleted my 1.8 additions from ./conf/addons and hoped for magic but no.

What are the steps to configure and get data for 1.8 stuff like insteonplm, myq, ecobee or similar?

I’m reverting to 2015.12.29 openhab2 for now.

Latest 2.0 builds are working much better:

Thank you Kai, but maybe its good to clarify what means “normal” addons ?
I have been running openhab 1 for over a year in multiple locations but I fail to understand how to enable openhab2 addons, there simply no such information.

Well, there is:

Hi Jeff,

I’m also trying to get insteon configured for openHAB2 and it looks like I have been down the same road as you.

I started by editing conf/services/addons.cfg and adding insteonplm to the bindings line
binding = ntp,insteonplm
and adding a 1.8 .jar to the addons directiry.
but then I noticed that I was getting 2 messages saying that the insteon binding was starting but no messages besides that.

Eventually I removed the .jar and reverted the addons.cfg file. I added an insteonplm.cfg file to the conf/services directory and added this line

Now when I start openHAB2 I get this:
2016-05-30 11:36:38.095 [INFO ] [arthome.ui.paper.internal.PaperUIApp] - Started Paper UI at /ui
2016-05-30 11:36:38.575 [INFO ] [.dashboard.internal.DashboardService] - Started dashboard at /start
2016-05-30 11:36:38.595 [INFO ] [nding.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActivator] - Insteon PLM binding has been started.
2016-05-30 11:36:38.631 [INFO ] [g.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - dead device timeout set to 3000s
2016-05-30 11:36:38.638 [INFO ] [nding.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActivator] - Insteon PLM binding has been started.
2016-05-30 11:36:38.639 [INFO ] [b.core.service.AbstractActiveService] - InsteonPLM has been started
2016-05-30 11:36:38.639 [INFO ] [g.insteonplm.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - config: port_0 -> /hub2/@,poll_time=1000
2016-05-30 11:36:38.652 [ERROR] [org.apache.felix.configadmin ] - [org.osgi.service.event.EventHandler,, id=273, bundle=200/mvn:org.openhab.binding/org.openhab.binding.insteonplm/1.9.0-SNAPSHOT]: Unexpected problem updating configuration org.openhab.insteonplm
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1


I also found this:
which seems to be open still but I’m not sure if its the same issue.

So it seems that the 1.9 binding is being used but it is broken.
Does anyone know how to override the build in 1.9 and use the 1.8 binding?


Everyone, I’m going to close this thread. All details on openHAB 2 installation in general and through apt can be found in these up-to-date articles:

Please open a new thread if you have installation difficulties or if you found an error in the articles.