Insteon - 3 Way - One of the Dimmers is not getting updated

I am using an insteon 3 way setup using the dimmers. I can physically control the light from either switch and the light works and that status led’s are working as they should on both of the dimmers. When I use openhab [controlling from iphone] to control that light, the light turns on/off as it should, but only 1 of the dimmers shows the true status on its status LED’s, the other one doesn’t get updated.

I am not sure, if this is linking itself with the PLM or between devices, or something I need to do in openhab.

I am using the related argument in the default.items file.
Dimmer Entryway_Light “Entryway” (Family_Room) {insteonplm=“AA.BB.CC:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=DD.EE.FF”}
Dimmer Entryway_Light_B “Entryway B” (Family_Room) {insteonplm=“DD.EE.FF:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=AA.BB.CC”}

in the sitemap, i am only calling one of them
Frame label=“UpStairs Lights” {
Slider item=Entryway_Light

A little more searching, this tread solved the issue.

Pretty much, i needed to add rules, do to how insteon stuff works.
rule "Entryway_Light_B"
Item Entryway_Light received command
sendCommand(Entryway_Light_B, receivedCommand)

Also, it appears you need to know which insteon device is connected to the load, and which one(s) is the virtual switch(s). Or you need to do some trial and error.