Insteon 8 button keypad issue

I have 2 8 buttons keypads in my setup. I’d like to control buttons with OpenHab. I’ve installed insteon-terminal on my host and it seems to work, sort of. I have a hub 2245-222, insteon-terminal seems to be able to connect to it well enough, but I can’t seem to query my modem. I’ve tried to figure out what the built in modem of the 2245 is but so far no joy. I tried the default 2413U but when I try to get the modemdb I get a lot of these:

ot unexpected msg: IN:Cmd:0x62|toAddress:4C.A6.0C|messageFlags:0x0F=DIRECT:3:3|command1:0x19|command2:0x00|ACK/NACK:0x06|
got unexpected msg: IN:Cmd:0x50|fromAddress:4C.A6.0C|toAddress:46.F8.79|messageFlags:0x20=ACK_OF_DIRECT:0:0|command1:0x00|command2:0x00|
got unexpected msg: IN:Cmd:0x62|toAddress:46.35.2E|messageFlags:0x0F=DIRECT:3:3|command1:0x19|command2:0x00|ACK/NACK:0x06|
got unexpected msg: IN:Cmd:0x50|fromAddress:46.35.2E|toAddress:46.F8.79|messageFlags:0x20=ACK_OF_DIRECT:0:0|command1:0x00|command2:0x00|
got unexpected msg: IN:Cmd:0x62|toAddress:48.8C.2D|messageF

Is there something I can configure besides the 2413U? I’m trying to get/set the group numbers, if there’s another way that would work for me. I read about someone using the Insteon app to get the group numbers but I don’t see that, the poster wasn’t very explicit how he got it.



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I suggest renaming your thread to something like “Insteon keypad problem” then someone with experience with Insteon will pick it up and be able to help. I don’t. Sorry