Insteon Binding on 3.0.0-snapshot

Has anyone had any success running the Insteon binding with the latest 3.0.0-snapshot. I am able to create the Bridge and Device things and bind the channels to Items. But the items do not appear to receive updates.

It appears that the method:

public void channelLinked(ChannelUID channelUID) 

Is not getting called in the ThingHandler for Insteon devices.

You can verify this by running the console command insteon display_channels. The command will return the list of channels that are linked. With OH3 the list is blank and with OH2 it will return a list of linked channels.

You’ve ran into:

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I grabbed the latest 3.0.0-snapshot and verified that the Insteon binding now works with OH 3. Thank you @wborn for fixing this.

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I still have the problem. It works after the addon is initially installed but after a period of time I begin to see:
2020-10-08 14:16:40.602 [WARN ] [ding.insteon.internal.InsteonBinding] - unable to find binding config for channel insteon:device:insteonhub:XXXXXX:dimmer

Neither restarting Openhab nor bundle:restart from the console seem to fix it

I am seeing the same thing on restart of OH3, and created for it.

@finleyg this has been fixed in the latest snapshot build.

Thanks Rob!