Insteon Development

Would anyone by chance have the documentation for the Insteon PLM module? I’d like to try developing a binding for OpenHAB2 for Insteon but I have to register with Insteon and they only claim to be giving developer keys to those they “deem significant”. So I was hoping someone might have the documentation for the PLM module that I could use just to get started with. It all used to be publicly available at but they took it down.

Any help would be appreciated.


Does this help?

You can use that to visit websites in the past. Worth a try.

If you go to the main binding wiki:

and look at the first table (which lists all the devices that work with the binding) you’ll see some links on many of the device names. These are links to the dev docs I found for these. Unfortunately many don’t seem publicly available

Also, at the very end of the page, you’ll see a “Background for developers” section with links out to some general docs on the Insteon protocol.

Curious what you are looking ti implement beyond the current 1.x version?


Thanks guys for the help! I’ll look through those documents and I’m sure that will cover what I need to know to get started.

I’d really like to see if I can help get the binding to a 2.x level and maybe implement some discovery services and the ability to use set up each device as a Thing Type that goes through a hub. I’m very happy with the current binding! I like it a lot and use it myself so I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the current binding, it is great!

Mostly I’m new to open source, and I’m new to Java. And I’d really like to become a knowledgeable Java developer. I also love my smarthome and I figured this would be a good project to learn the ins and outs of Java and OpenHAB. I’m getting the basics of binding development, I just need a physical device to work with and since I have a spare PLM it seemed like a good place to start.

I’ve also noticed that through the current binding when I need to send commands to many devices in quick succession that messages can get mixed up and some devices don’t get their commands. I thought that by implementing each device as a Thing Type that goes through a hub I might be able to manage the messaging a little better. Since that wasn’t available in OH1 I’d like to update the binding to work with OH2 to take advantage of the hub feature.

I realize I might not get this to public release but I’d like to use it as a learning experience to that I can eventually help contribute to the project. And who know, maybe if I try it and share the code others can put in their input. I just love to learn and I’m thinking this is a good project to start with :slight_smile:

Those documents should cover most of what you need. I used them when I wrote an insteon<->mqtt bridge server to allow me to use my insteon network with any home automation system. It doesn’t cover all the devices that the openhab v1 bindings do but it might help you with code examples. it has a message queue that understands the context of each message and what the various replies need to be before it sends the next message so it doesn’t have issues with sending anything to quickly for the modem. And it understands insteon scenes so that device states are updated automatically when a scene is triggered. It’s Python code but it 's fairly easy to read and might help you out with code examples of communicating with the modem:

Awesome! Thanks for the pointers and I’ll definitely check out your code!