Insteon Hidden Door Sensor "battery_watermark_level"


I’ve been looking around in the source of the insteon binding, slowly gaining a better understanding of what’s goin on under the hood. I found the Message Handler “HiddenDoorSensorDataReplyHandler” and see that not only is “battery_level” reported, but also a data item called “battery_watermark_level”.

I created an item for this and put it on my sitemap to view and see it is currently being reported as “64” and my normal “battery_level” being reported as “74”. Do you know what this represents?

I no longer recall, sorry!

Hi @Bernd_Pfrommer,

No Problem. You once posted developers notes from the leak sensor:

Do you know if there are dev notes from the hidden door sensor too? I’ve applied for a developers account with insteon, I’m suspecting then I’ll have access to these, but no reply yet.

Hi @Bernd_Pfrommer,

Just FYI, I found the developers notes and found that this “watermark” level seems to indicate the level when this sensor will begin to send out its “low bat” message. This set point is programmable, so that is why it is a data point that is sent out.

Tom, can you post a link to the notes? I couldn’t find them…

Hi @Bernd_Pfrommer -

I actually found a bunch and added links on the InsteonPLM binding wiki page in the model / product key table:

If you know if more, please feel free to add.