Insteon keypad buttons not working

I’m having an issue setting up my insteon keypad and getting it to work. I’ve got the main load working, but the keypad buttons; A,B,C,D are not working at all.

Here is a screen cap of my items;

And my sitemap for reference as well;
Text label=“Dining Room” icon=“table”{
Slider item=iDiningRoomKeypadDimmer switchSupport
Switch item=iDiningRoomKeypadDimmerButtonA label=“buttonA”
Switch item=iDiningRoomKeypadDimmerButtonB label=“buttonB”
Switch item=iDiningRoomKeypadDimmerButtonC label=“buttonC”
Switch item=iDiningRoomKeypadDimmerButtonD label=“buttonD”

I’m guessing it’s something small, as I am VERY new to this. Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Scott from RSM-

Hey Scott,

I forgot to check which version of the binding you had installed yesterday. Check openhab/addons and see if it’s 1.7 or 1.8. I’m gonna guess it’s 1.7 since the item definition for those buttons is different between the 2 bindings. If it is 1.7, you just need to grab the 1.8 jar file and just replace the 1.7 file then restart openHAB.

See 1.8:



Yeah, I went through and checked and all the bindings are from release 1.8.3 (released in May) so they are all current :frowning:

Please read the instructions on “Keypads” and how to get the buttons to work (see insteonplm wiki). If you have linked the buttons properly and things still don’t work, post a debug log.