Insteon module died?

I had an Insteon plug in controller on a lamp in my family room. A few weeks ago I realized that the light wasn’t turning on, even though the controller had a green LED. I assumed that either I had a bad bulb or the lamp was not working (it’s an old lamp with a flakey switch. After replacing the bulb and troubleshooting the lamp, I discovered that the module was responding to commands from OpenHAB, but it was not powering the lamp.
Is it normal for an Insteon module to die this way? In the meantime I replaced it with an ancient X10 module that is working fine.

My guess this is one of many way the Insteon device fails.

I suppose my question then is, how often does this occur? Should I expect to replace all of my Insteon hardware every 5 years, or is this a rare occurrence?

I have run X10 controllers for about 20 years and I don’t recall a module failing.

I also had two Insteon module cases break apart when I unplugged them from the wall (a lot of super glue and they are back to work).