Insteon Motion Sensor - 2844-222

I am having problems with getting openhab to talk to the new motion sensor 2844-222. I see there is code for the older version (2842-222), but I am guessing there these 2 are different enough I can’t use that product key. Anyone have any success on working with the new one, and if so what you did to get it working.

Hi del007, I just got mine working with OH2.1 running on a RP3.
The problem had to do with linking the sensor to my PLM modem (2413U). To link the sensor, follow the link instruction in the manual (press sensor button followed by pressing the modem button). After that, the sensor was added to the modem database. I could not add the sensor using the (obsolete) PC software from Insteon, as you discovered :frowning_face:
Here is my item file:

Contact MotionS1 					"motion 1 " 												{insteonplm="41.68.79:0x00004A#contact"}
Number MotionS1Batt 				"motion 1 battery level [%.1f]" 												{insteonplm="41.68.79:0x00004A#data,field=battery_level"}
Number MotionS1Light 				"motion 1 light level [%.1f]" 													{insteonplm="41.68.79:0x00004A#data,field=light_level"}

I can then use it in a rules file such as here:

// ********************************************************
// Rule detecting motion on sensor 1
// ********************************************************
rule "Motion Sensor 1"
	Item MotionS1 changed from CLOSED to OPEN

I assume , that you already successfully configured your Insteon connection to OH, i.e. install the Binding (1.10) using PaperUI and having a cfg file for it in the service directory. I used the following cfg file for it (my PLM is connected to the RPI3 via USB):

# The insteon PLM controller port, one for each modem or hub.
# You can have multiple ports, but that has never been tested, use at your own peril.
# examples of valid port configurations for serial or usb modems:
# port_0=/dev/insteon  (Linux, with serial port symlinked to /dev/insteon)
# port_0=/dev/ttyS0    (Linux, with plain old serial modem)
# port_0=/dev/ttyUSB0  (Linux, with usb based PLM modem)
# port_0=COM1	  (Windows, with serial/usb modem on COM1)

# to connect to an Insteon Hub2 (the 2014 version) on port 25105, with
# a poll interval of 1000ms = 1sec:
# port_0=/hub2/my_user_name:my_password@myinsteonhub.mydomain:25105,poll_time=1000

# to connect to the raw tcp feed on an older Insteon Hub (pre 2014 version) on port 9761
# port_0=/hub/localhost:9761

# Poll interval (optional, in milliseconds, defaults to 300000).
# Poll too often and you will overload the insteon network,
# leading to sluggish or no response when trying to send messages to devices.
# The default poll interval of 300s has been tested and found to be a good
# compromise in a configuration of about 110 switches/dimmers.

# Refresh value (optional, in milliseconds, defaults to 600000)
# The refresh interval is not critical, since only device statistics are logged
# upon refresh (the polling operates under different timers).

# optional file with additional device types. The syntax of
# the file is identical to the device_types.xml file in the
# source tree. Please remember to post successfully added
# device types to the openhab group so the developers
# can include them into the device_types.xml file!


# optional file with additional feature templates, like
# in the device_features.xml file in the source tree.


Good luck…

Thanks for the reply. I am using OH 1.8.3 [tried to go to 2, but didn’t have enough time to get it working, and not 100% sure what I need to do].
I manually linked [both ways…not sure if i needed to do it both ways] the sensor to the PLM [Using the USB PLM]. So OH see’s it [shows device found in modem database]. I am using the org.openhab.binding.insteonplm-1.10.0.jar addon.
[.o.b.i.InsteonPLMActiveBinding] - device 4A.57.34 found in the modem database and the modem controls groups

I see logs of the motion sensor contact [assuming open means there is motion, and close means after a timeout period there is no motion]

[runtime.busevents ] - motionSensor state updated to OPEN
[runtime.busevents ] - motionSensor state updated to CLOSED

I don’t see light level or battery level though.

For the items I am using:

Contact motionSensor "motion 1" {insteonplm="4A.57.34:0x00004A#contact"}
Number motionSensorBatteryLevel "motion 1 battery level [%.1f]" {insteonplm="4A.57.34:0x00004A#data,field=battery_level"}
Number motionSensorLightLevel "motion 1 light level [%.1f]" {insteonplm="4A.57.34:0x00004A#data,field=light_level"}

For the sitemap I have

	Frame label="Motion" {
		Text item=motionSensor
		Text item=motionSensorBatteryLevel
		Text item=motionSensorLightLevel

Ok, got the battery level and light level when I opened and closed the battery compartment lid. Not sure if it needs to be closed all the way or not. Also, not sure what the scale is [battery 248, light 152]

I don’t know the units for light level and battery, I assumed it might be % for battery level (i.e. 248=24.8%); light level, no idea (maybe lux/1000?)