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@obenreph -

So once I got the manual change working I put this together and I think it will work to do what you are looking for.

Basically the rollershutter widget sends UP/Down/Stop commands to an item, but since we are actually using a dimmer device we need to translate Up/Down/Stop to 0/1/2 that the dimmer uses for manual change

So here is what I did:

I created two items: a dummy item to put on my sitemap and trigger rules and an item linked to my Insteon item that the rules will command:

Rollershutter	computerRoomMan		"CR Lights Manual Change"
Number			computerRoomManSw	""							{channel="insteon:device:3DF7A1:manualChange"}

I then created a quick rule to translate Down/Stop/Up to 0/1/2:

rule "Manual change"
	Item computerRoomMan received command
	logInfo("CR RS", "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRRS Received")
	if (receivedCommand == UP){
		logInfo("CR RS", "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRRS Received - UP")
	} else if (receivedCommand == DOWN){
		logInfo("CR RS", "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRRS Received - DOWN")
	} else if (receivedCommand == STOP){
		logInfo("CR RS", "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRRS Received - STOP")
	} else {
		logInfo("CR RS", "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRRS Received - Unknown State")

Then I drop the dummy item onto my sitemap:

Switch item=computerRoomMan

So, hitting the down arrow, makes my light start to dim and I can stop it anytime with hitting stop. Same for the up arrow starting my light brightening.

Have a try and see if this works for your blinds and let us know!

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Thank you !
I confirm this is working

Appreciate the time you took to solve my own issue :slight_smile:

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