Insteon PLM binding and autoupdate

The Insteon PLM binding always returns true from the autoupdate method. The comments say:

public Boolean autoUpdate(String itemName) {
	// By default, all features are auto-updating, i.e. we do not rely
	// on the openhab environment to tell us the status of a device,
	// but rather resort to polling and listening to update messages
	// on the insteon network.
	return true;

The code comment seems to say that the binding does not want the openHAB enviroment (autoupdate binding) to automatically update the item state when a command is issued. However, returning true will always cause that to happen. @Bernd_Pfrommer (or someone else), what’s the intended behavior here?

No, exactly the opposite. I had no idea what this call was really doing. I
copied and pasted it from whatever binding I cloned (probably the insteon
hub). No idea what’ll happen when you change this to “false”.
So glad somebody with openhab experience is looking over this code. I’m
really in tunnel vision mode when it comes to openhab: I try to focus on
the Insteon aspect of it.

OK, I was mostly curious. Given no one has complained about it I assume it’s not causing significant issues. I really appreciate all the work you and others have put into the InsteonPLM binding. It’s a key part of my system and it’s been working quite well.