Insteon Plm Binding group control

Hello all,
i have an insteon fanlinc module connected to the kitchen light linked to a keypadlinc button “A” in an adjacent room. i also have an openhab item that controls the kitchen light it self. now the question i have is there a way to control an insteon group (8 in this case) from openhab as if it was a single device?

For the time being I run HouseLinc in a VM to manage the advanced linking options especially with the mini remotes. Otherwise you jump through a lot of hoops to get it going in OH. I put some $$ in the bounty for better support of the the PLM & Hub in OH2. I would love to see linking options for Insteon directly in OH. The technology is superior in many ways to Zigbee and Zwave for anyone looking for options in North America.

You can in fact send group broadcasts from the PLM modem (maybe from the hub as well). Check out this link:

You will need to configure the device as a responder to the PLM.

I’m not sure what you mean with “get feedback from a group”? Usually there is one device (controller) broadcasting to the group, and the other devices are listening (responders). The responders react to broadcasts from a particular controller. They will not respond to a group broadcast if it comes from a controller they are not linked to. The PLM modem is nothing other than a device, so in order to receive broadcasts, it must be linked to that specific device which is broadcasting the message.

For example, if you want openhab to react to e.g. keypadlinc button “A” being pressed, create an openhab item that listens to the corresponding group, maybe group 3 or whatever your keypad emits when you press “A”.

yes i am trying to setup an openhab item to listen to and control a insteon group, somethin like this.

Switch insteonGroupSw “insteon group switch” {insteonplm=“2C.EA.A1 ,group=0x16”}

where 2C.EA.A1 is the hub address and 0x16 is the group number linked between the switch and the hub.
now what i am unsure of is what prodKey#feature i would use if any?

To listen to a device, use that devices insteon address and product key, not the hub’s. How to listen to messages from e.g. keypads is described in the wiki’s section on keypads.

Switch keypadSwitchA “keypad button A” {insteonplm=“xx.xx.xx:F00.00.14#keypadbuttonA,group=0xf3”}

The “keypadbuttonA” field should already be enough to toggle the item’s status when A is pressed. The “group=0xf3” is actually for message from the modem to the keypad, in case you want to toggle the status of the light. The group messages triggered by pressing keypadbutton A are on a different group number (would have to look up what group is triggered by “A”).