Insteon PLM with openHAB 2.1 stuck on add binding

I’m trying openHAB 2.1 for the first time - running on a RPi3 from openhabianpi-raspbian-201706161358.

I have an Insteon 2413U PLM and am trying to install the binding from the UI (binding-insteonplm1 - 1.10.0). When I click on “Install” it gets stuck with the rotating wait icon. The services/insteonplm.cfg file seems to have been installed OK. If I shutdown and restart it doesn’t show the binding as being installed though.

The PLM shows up in as /dev/ttyUSB0
I’ve also edited the services/insteonplm.cfg file to reflect this.

Is there something I need to do to get this binding to install correctly? Are the any permissions I need to set?

Because this is an openHAB 1.x binding, you need to install by hand, don’t
use the GUI. I’m a long time openHAB 1.x user with insteon and installed a
test openHAB 2.x install and installed a working insteon binding in about 5
minutes. Just follow the directions on the WIKI page.

Which wiki page? (see this a lot round here - no one wants to tell you which wiki page to look for)

… and googling ‘Openhab2 wiki’ only finds the wikipedia entry :frowning:

Did you get anywhere with this? I have had the OH2 InsteonPLM binding working, but it is now stuck ‘Stopping’ as it is very temperamental.