Insteon Smoke Bridge 2982-222 Setup for InsteonPLM Binding

Think I figured where I went wrong and probably started with using houselinc. Going to try Insteon terminal. I have a 2413U usb powerlinc and guessing to get it connected in Insteon terminal I will need to change /dev/insteon to /dev/ttyusb0 and make sure that the device has the correct write permissions.

26 def connectToMySerial():
27 “”“connects to my modem on pre-defined serial port”"“
28 connectToSerial(”/dev/insteon")

34 connectToMySerial()

I revisited this using the Insteon Terminal. I should have stuck with this at the start as I managed to get the smoke bridge up and running. Great little program, I shouldnt have given up and try to take the easy way out.