Insteon subscription and OH Insteon binding

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The Insteon company has been back in business for a while. The connectivity with their site is now sold as a subscription-based service. I just subscribed for one year, in the hope that I could use their app and its connectivity to Google Home as a complement to my current OH Insteon binding.

At this time, my Android Insteon app is working, in the sense that does connect to my Insteon hub to actuate my Insteon devices. The app connection with Google Home is also working. However the communication between the app and the Insteon binding is not working. When I trigger an Insteon device using OH, the device responds correctly but the app does not register the change. And conversely, when the use the app (or Google Home) to change the state of a device, the devise responds correctly but OH does not register the change.

Now, my Insteon binding configuration is currently using the native user/password found on the label of my 2245-222. However, I believe that before the company went down last year I was rather using my Insteon web site credentials, which included a short user name (not my email address) and a password. When I try to use my current web credentials, I do not manage to log in. I don’t see the short user name I used to have in the Insteon app or on their Web login page. And when I try to use my email address as user name, the Insteon binding appears to choke on the resulting syntax.

Anyone who know more about this?

This is from Known Limitations and Issues for the binding:

Using the Insteon Hub 2014 in conjunction with other applications (such as the InsteonApp) is not supported. Concretely, openHAB will not learn when a switch is flipped via the Insteon App until the next poll, which could take minutes.

I assume the same happens with the Insteon app.

Hello Rob,

Of course, you are right: I was forgetting about that!

As a result, everything works inasmuch as I can live with updates being postponed until the next poll.

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One more question, though. The binding documentation states that “port” hub parameter can be defined as follows :

Current hub (2245-222) at on port 25105, with a poll interval of 1000 ms (1 second):

And it then state that the “devicePollIntervalSeconds” hub parameter is by default 300 and that:

Poll interval of devices in seconds. Poll too often and you will overload the insteon network, leading to sluggish or no response when trying to send messages to devices. The default poll interval of 300 seconds has been tested and found to be a good compromise in a configuration of about 110 switches/dimmers

OK, do I understand correctly that:

  • “poll_time=1000” associated with the port specifies that the binding will be requesting updates from the hub every 1000 ms

  • the parameter devicePollIntervalSeconds=300 specifies that the binding will be requestiong updates from each Insteon device every 300 seconds?

Many thanks in advance for your answers.


Yes that is correct.

Understood, thanks!