Insteon thermostat weird behavior

Hey all, this problem has been around ever since I installed Openhabian on my raspberry pi2. (I was running OH1.7 on the same raspberry pie2 except with Rasbian as my OS, without this issue beforehand)

Anyway here’s my setup:
OH2.1 on a raspberry pi2 running openhabian
I have the pre-2014 version of the Insteon hub
the version of InsteonPLM binding I have installed (according to paperui /addons/bindings) is 1.10.0
The only thing I have in /services/insteonplm.cfg is: port_0=/hub/

my items file looks like this:

Number  LRthermostatCoolPoint "cool point [%.1f °F]" { insteonplm="" }
Number  LRthermostatHeatPoint "heat point [%.1f °F]" { insteonplm="" }
Number  LRthermostatSystemMode "system mode [%d]" { insteonplm="" }
Number  LRthermostatFanMode "fan mode [%d]" { insteonplm="" }
Number  LRthermostatIsHeating "is heating [%d]" { insteonplm=""}
Number  LRthermostatIsCooling "is cooling [%d]" { insteonplm=""}
Number  LRthermostatTempFahren  "temperature [%.1f °F]" { insteonplm="" }

Number  LRthermostatHumidity "humidity [%.0f %%]" { insteonplm="" }

Number  BasementthermostatCoolPoint "cool point [%.1f °F]" { insteonplm="2c.0d.74:F00.00.18#coolsetpoint" }
Number  BasementthermostatHeatPoint "heat point [%.1f °F]" { insteonplm="2c.0d.74:F00.00.18#heatsetpoint" }
Number  BasementthermostatSystemMode "system mode [%d]" { insteonplm="2c.0d.74:F00.00.18#systemmode" }
Number  BasementthermostatFanMode "fan mode [%d]" { insteonplm="2c.0d.74:F00.00.18#fanmode" }
Number  BasementthermostatIsHeating "is heating [%d]" { insteonplm="2c.0d.74:F00.00.18#isheating"}
Number  BasementthermostatIsCooling "is cooling [%d]" { insteonplm="2c.0d.74:F00.00.18#iscooling"}
Number  BasementthermostatTempFahren  "temperature [%.1f °F]" { insteonplm="2c.0d.74:F00.00.18#tempfahrenheit" }
insteonplm="2c.0d.74:F00.00.18#tempcelsius" }
Number  BasementthermostatHumidity "humidity [%.0f %%]" { insteonplm="2c.0d.74:F00.00.18#humidity" }

I have communication with my hub and all devices react as expected, That said My issue is, both of my 2 Insteon thermostats report a high temperature from time to time (as in much higher than the real temp), one of them will go for long periods(Hours) without reporting the temperature at all. They also from time to time report High set points (as in the set point is higher than the actual set point displayed on the thermostat), Which I Didn’t notice this at first, but then I graphed it along with the current temps in habpanel.

Also when the thermostats switch heating 1 or 0, I don’t get an update about 50% of time.

I’ve reset both thermostats to factory defaults and then re-linked them with my modem, I didn’t think this would solve my problem but I though it was a good first step to take. And at first I thought I had it fixed, but the problem quickly returned.

Searching to find an answer I stumbled across this post:

However the fix linked there is dead, I’m under the impression I’m running an older version of the binding and I need to update it, but I don’t know where to check for newer versions to download it.

Thanks in advance for any help, I would really appreciate it.

@Bernd_Pfrommer, I see this references a blind fix you did.

I’m almost sure I pushed this into the master repository.