Insteon Update

This is what I got.
Not OK
You can access this hub remotely without any problem.

If you are looking for any other information, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Ryan Wilson

Insteon just pushed a rollback firmware to my hub. After re-enabling the Insteon PLM binding, I am able to interact again with my Insteon device through openHAB. The hub firmware version shows as 1015. So I will assume that Insteon just downgraded the users that notified them using the instructions listed above.

I just received the 1015 “Rollback” too. It’s dated June 20 2018, 15:40. My email request for it was submitted about four hours ago, so I’d say their response time is very good.

After the rollback my system was in a zombie state. Openhab was correctly responding to commands (as seen in the logs and on my habpanels), but the insteon devices ignored them. However the Insteon App was still working Ok at this point.

After rebooting openhab and the hub I have a working system again. Time to celebrate!

  • Thomas

Same here, hub is on the rollback version, and openhab is currently jacked up. Going to reboot before I troubleshoot anything, but Im betting she’ll be good to go when it comes back up.

ETA: Reboot of Openhab fixed it and we’re good to go. Really happy with Insteon’s response to this

@insteon, thanks for helping out with this situation. It would be awesome if your team could provide assistance on ways we could improve the binding.

So, the question i have is… Is the binding under active development as can we get an update that will work with the new firmware. Aka an update that doesn’t use http, but some other protocol?

Kudos to @Insteon for the rapid response and the prompt firmware rollback.

@Thedannymullen - There hasn’t been any development on the Insteon binding in a long time. If I remember correctly, the developer that created this binding (@Bernd_Pfrommer) had no intention of updating the binding for OpenHAB 2, since he had no plans to upgrade his OH installation. I’m not sure if anyone else here has the same intimate knowledge of the Insteon protocol.

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I never got my rollback. I tried the instructions in Insteon article but never got the hub to rapidly beep after pressing he button 5 times. How did everyone get their rollbacks? I’m still crippled here :disappointed_relieved:

@mark_alan_williamson I sent my hub info to Insteon, and they pushed it. I checked the app to see if an update was available, but it had already put the v15 code on and rebooted on its own

Thanks, looks like they restored my hub back to 1015 last night. I’m very happy with their customer service.

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What did you do to rollback the last update?
What do they say at Insteon, when would be a planned update to fix the issue?

thank you

Read post #25:


A new firmware is being released today for our Insteon Hub (2245-222) that reverts back to allowing local http commands. You can read more about the update here:

Future updates will be vetted by some of the kind folks here that are now on our beta program. This will ensure any future updates do not disrupt integrations such as those used by OpenHAB.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Kind regards,
The Insteon Team

What’s funny is that I just finished my final exam as of yesterday and today was the day I was going to start this project lmao. I scroll to the bottom and I see they posted that litterally a minute ago lol. It’s not up yet, guess I’ll just have to wait tomorrow :frowning:

The file is up now :slight_smile:

Let me know if anyone gets the update and has feedback. If it works, I will manually update.

My hub firmware just got updated to 1017 and it is looking good. No issue to report with the OH integration so far.

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Aug-3-2018 Update 1017 working fine with my OH too.

  • Thomas

Awesome I am going to look and see if mine updated!

Posted an insteon question here: Insteon Hub slow? Your thoughts

Looking for feedback! Thanks!