Insteon updated motion sensor with openhab 1.x

Dont know if i can post this here but this is about openhab 1.83 It may be an issue in 2 but have not had the time to figure out the migration. If anyone can help. Thanks

I have the new motion sensors from insteon. Sleeker looking etc. Have added them to my items file same as the old motion sensors. New model 2844-222. old model 2842-222

The item gets triggered (changes to open). Any rule i create triggers but after a few seconds delay. log shows this error. The rule eventually does execute but only after 10 seconds or so. Not much use as a motion sensor if it does not happen fast.

2018-03-07 10:32:30.002 [WARN ] [.o.b.i.i.device.CommandHandler] - WarnCommandHandler: command OPEN is not implemented yet!

rule "motion detected"
Item cmHallMotion received command OPEN

I purchased 4 motion sensors and they all act this way.

Thanks in advance.
(edited: the rule never actually fires, i have a cron timer that checked the value of the contact and it reports open,which sends an open command to the item).

What item type is your cmHallMotion item?

Show its definition?

Contact cmHallMotion “Hallway Motion Detected [MAP(]” {insteonplm=“45.FC.07:0x00004A#contact”}

I am using 1.8.3 as well.

For my items I have

Contact KitchenMotionSensor "Kitchen Motion" {insteonplm="AA.BB.CC:0x00004A#contact"}
Number KitchenMotionSensorBatteryLevel "Kitchen Motion Battery Level [%.1f]" {insteonplm="AA.BB.CC:0x00004A#data,field=battery_level"}
Number KitchenMotionSensorLightLevel "Kitchen Motion Light Level [%.1f]" {insteonplm="AA.BB.CC:0x00004A#data,field=light_level"}
DateTime KitchenMotionSensorLastUpdate "Kitchen MotionLast Update [%1$tA, %1$tI:%1$tM %1$tp]" <clock> (Kitchen_Upstairs_Room) {insteonplm="AA.BB.CC:0x00004A#lastheardfrom"}

Dimmer Kitchen_Command_Center_Light "CommandCenter" (Kitchen_Upstairs_Room) {insteonplm="DD.EE.FF:F00.00.01#dimmer"}

In my rules I have [for turn on and off some lights]

rule "Kitchen_Motion_Lights ON"
    Item KitchenMotionSensor changed from CLOSED to OPEN
	var Number currenthour = now.getHourOfDay
	if((currenthour > 6 && currenthour < 22)){
		if (Kitchen_Command_Center_Light.state==0){
				sendCommand(Kitchen_Command_Center_Light, ON)
	} else {
		if (Kitchen_Command_Center_Light.state==0){
				sendCommand(Kitchen_Command_Center_Light, 10)

rule "Kitchen_Motion_Lights OFF"
	Item KitchenMotionSensor changed
	if(KitchenMotionSensor.state==CLOSED) {
		KitchenTimer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(60*5)) [|
			if (Kitchen_Command_Center_Light.state!=0){
					sendCommand(Kitchen_Command_Center_Light, OFF)
	} else {
		if(KitchenTimer!=null) {
			KitchenTimer = null

Site map has this:

	Frame label="Motion" {
		Text item=KitchenMotionSensor
		Text item=KitchenMotionSensorBatteryLevel
		Text item=KitchenMotionSensorLightLevel
		Text item=KitchenMotionSensorLastUpdate

The motion sensor event is quick, but the actual turning on/off the lights is seconds for every light I have [I have 5 different dimmers these rules affect [didn’t show them all] So it could be like 8-10 seconds to turn on all the lights. I am not sure if the reason is I am checking the status on each light [one after each other] which takes time. I wonder if I store the dimmer states in a database than check the database status instead of the dimmers themselves, the time it takes to turn on/off the lights would be much quicker [hopefully less than a second],

I am not sure how this addresses my issue. What motion sensor are you using? I am getting a command not implemented error when using the 2844-222 version. My older 2842-222 work fine. Since the list of working items for the current binding does not list the 2844-222 I am thinking that it has not been added to the binding as a working device. I think the new item works the same as the old one but is different enough that binding doesnt fully work using the new detector. I donr see this item listed on the 2.x list of insteon devices supported. My fear us that any changes to the binding will only be done to the 2,x version which would force me through an unwanted upgrade process. My 1.x setup works for me.

That said all my insteon rules work fairly quickly. Maybe a 1 second delay at most. 8 seconds would be a reason for me to switch to something else. I appreciate the response but my rule is not being activated when the item state changes. I have a time cron rule which checks the state of the item every 30 seconds as the motion sensor only sends an intitial open command at the first sign of motion. So if someone is in the shower for 5 min there is no way to continuously detect motion. That rule sends an open command to the item as if the sensor did it. Since the sending of the command manually activates the rule it fires. But if the physical hardware activates the rule it doesnt work. I think the binding needs to be updated withe the current version of the detector. I could be completely wrong ao that is why i am posting.


Item cmHallMotion received update OPEN

No errors w/my 2844s.


Thanks for the reply.It works. However like the other poster the delay is quite long before the rule starts. Up to 2 or 3 seconds. It seems that rule takes a long time to execute.but turning it on and off using the site map is almost instantaneous. Something going on with that device it seems.

I guess it was too early to say that it works. The rule never fires and a still am getting “command not implemented yet”.

It was a cron job that i had set up that made it work. The item state changes but the rule never activates.

Does anyone know if the 2844-222 has been officially added to the binding??

Let’s dig up old threads! Any updates? How’s it working? As much as I love all my Insteon stuff we need a way to add new devices. Insteon doesn’t give a damn about the community and hasn’t updated their devices.xml in over 2 years. Zwave is super active and sadly I could see Zwave overtaking Insteon in the coming years just because they appear to be more open and easier to work with. I don’t know how much of that has to do with cdjackson’s work but it would be nice to see the same kind of activity for Insteon.

They still do not work properly. I still get errors that Open is not a command.
I too like the insteon devices because they just work (this newer motion sensor is the first I’ve had problems with).

I just purchased a zstick and a motion sensor to go with it. Still waiting for the sensor from amazon. Deciding if I should update to 2.5 before going in with zwave. I am hoping that the update may fix my ecobee problem too. Something always needs fixin.

Have u used zwave motion sensors and how reliable are they? Response times are important. No use having a hallway motion sensor if it reacts after I have left.

Also I hope the insteon motion sensor is tested and added. I’ would even send them one to test to fix the binding. I am not going to worry too much about it as I figure they are busy. Since I can’t code I will make do with what’s there.