Insteonplm.cfg not working correctly

Can you post EXACTLY what is in your config file? I think you may have an issue with a part that is supposed to be a comment not commented.


# The insteon PLM controller port, one for each modem or hub.
# You can have multiple ports, but that has never been tested, use at your own peril.
# examples of valid port configurations for serial or usb modems:
# port_0=/dev/insteon  (Linux, with serial port symlinked to /dev/insteon)
# port_0=/dev/ttyS0    (Linux, with plain old serial modem)
# port_0=/dev/ttyUSB0  (Linux, with usb based PLM modem)
# port_0=COM1	  (Windows, with serial/usb modem on COM1)

# to connect to an Insteon Hub2 (the 2014 version) on port 25105, with
# a poll interval of 1000ms = 1sec:

# to connect to the raw tcp feed on an older Insteon Hub (pre 2014 version) on port 9761
# port_0=/hub/localhost:9761

# Poll interval (optional, in milliseconds, defaults to 300000).
# Poll too often and you will overload the insteon network,
# leading to sluggish or no response when trying to send messages to devices.
# The default poll interval of 300s has been tested and found to be a good
# compromise in a configuration of about 110 switches/dimmers.

# Refresh value (optional, in milliseconds, defaults to 600000)
# The refresh interval is not critical, since only device statistics are logged
# upon refresh (the polling operates under different timers).

# optional file with additional device types. The syntax of
# the file is identical to the device_types.xml file in the
# source tree. Please remember to post successfully added
# device types to the openhab group so the developers
# can include them into the device_types.xml file!


# optional file with additional feature templates, like
# in the device_features.xml file in the source tree.


I think I had the same issue a while ago and the only way I found to resolve it was either to uninstall the entire binding, restart OH, and reinstall it. Or I had to uninstall OH and reinstall it. I don’t remember off hand what resolved the issue. I know the second one is not what you want to do but I can’t remember exactly what it was that resolved the issue.

OK - looks cool, thought I saw something before.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this once too but I see what looks like a cashed copy of the insteon config here:


I have no clue what it is there fore and I’ve never monkyed with it, but you might want to see if your spurious config stuff is in there.

Ok, thanks. I will try those ideas and let you know if either of them work.

Also stop openhab clear cache and restart.

Sudo openhab-cli clean-cache

Also what plm do you have? I can help with config file.

How do you clear cache on Windows?

I have the InsteonPLM.

This needs to be uncommented and changed to the correct windows com port.

The two uncommented Hub lines needs to be commented.

To clear cache you can manually find the tmp directory in openhab and delete the contents. There is one other directory to clear contents of. The name escapes me.
I am unsure of the paths right now as I am not at computer. I know for sure there is forum posts.

Can you open a cmd shell and then go to the root of the openhab installation? Then you can run the findstr command ( I think the command you should run is:

findstr /s /i port_ .

This should find all occurrences of port_ in the files in the current and subdirectories. Looking back at your log file, somewhere there is a port_0, port_1, port_2, port_3, port_4, port_5, and port_6 defined.

Thanks for all of the help. I just reinstalled everything related to Openhab. Solved with all of your help. Thanks!

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BTW, ranielsen, I still cannot find anything to do with “port_” or “Com6”. I have no idea where else to look.


His config file only contains one definition for a port. The issue is he was trying others and they are now in his cache, which he needs to clear.


Did you confirm this cache file I noted contains these old definitions yet? to clear cache on windows, I’d suspect you need to log into the openhab console, but I also see something called “openhab-cli” that might work as well. I don’t use windows, but I googled quickly and I found this thread with some info:


That will definitely clear the cache - haha!


Out of curiosity, does insteonplm.config exist now?

Ok, now I found it. The culprit is C:\\openhab2\userdata\config\org\openhab\insteonplm.config.

Here it is:

port_1="COM1\t\ \ (Windows,\ with\ serial/usb\ modem\ on\ COM1)"
port_5="COM6\t\ \ (Windows,\ with\ serial/usb\ modem\ on\ COM1)"

Now, after I have reloaded Openhab2, I found it. Oh, well…

Again, thanks for all of the help. I was told to look at insteonplm.config, but I couldn’t find it.

So it’s all working now? Curious how it works if this file was the culprit. I need to search and see if my install has this file.

It’s all working now. I copied the original openhab folder back to C: drive, corrected that particular file, and I am back to normal.

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I’m not surprised that you found it, but that does look to be in the “wrong place”.

I expect you want to move on - but if that file is deleted, is it just recreated at boot time (with expected entries!), or maybe in /services?

I am not sure. I would imagine it is recreated.