InsteonPLM Motion Sensor to trigger Dimmer

HI there,

Brand new to OpenHAB and Insteon, but thanks to the documentation and helpful articles I have 1.7.1 running on my Synology DS415+ and a sitemap up and running successfully. I have the newer Insteon HUB along with some dimmers and motion sensors, and am using the insteonplm binding.

I’m able to control the dimmers from the sitemap, so I know that my items definition is good. All devices appear in my Insteon App on my iPhone, and I’m able to see their status (motion detected, light on/off, etc.) and control the devices there as well.

Where I’m having problems is around the rules. Specifically, when motion is detected send a command to the dimmer to light up the hallway.

My rule has been stripped down the following, but is still not working:

rule "Upstaits Hallway Motion OPEN"
        Item UpstairsHallwayMotionSensor received command OPEN
        sendCommand(UpstairsHallwayPotLights1, 40)

I was initially using this condition:

Item UpstairsHallwayMotionSensor received command ON

But looking at the logs, it appears that an OPEN state is broadcast by the motion sensor and not an ON state.

For reference, here is my items config:

Dimmer UpstairsHallwayPotlights1 "Hallway Potlights 1" (grpUpstairs, grpLights) {insteonplm="3B.AD.67:F00.00.01#dimmer,related=3B.D0.55"}
Contact UpstairsHallwayMotionSensor "Upstairs Motion Sensor [MAP(]" {insteonplm="36.98.42:0x00004A#contact"}

Thanks for looking!

Yes, the states for Contacts are OPEN and CLOSED and the states for Switches are ON and OFF.

I don’t know if it is a typo in this posting or in your actual files but the light’s Item name is “UpstairsHallwayPotlights1” but you are sending the command to “UpstairsHallwayPotLights1”. Notice the lowercase ‘l’ in the Items verses the capital ‘L’ in your rule.

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Thanks Rick for confirming what I was thinking I was seeing the logs.

ahem and yes my item name was spelled wrong… such a rookie mistake, and thank you for catching. After actually using the IDE now for OpenHAB, the rule is working!!

Thanks again for your help!