InsteonPLM or any working 1.x binding in OH2b1

Does anyone have InsteonPLM or ANY 1.x binding working in OH2b1?
@Bernd_Pfrommer - did you try OH2b1?

I can’t get ANY 1.x bindings working.
How are these configured now?
I can get my items in a sitemap but they don’t actually connect or update.

I don’t know how to troubleshoot - no longer seems to be the way to log so I have nothing about insteonplm in the logger.

Does anyone have any working 1.x binding in OH2b1? How did you set it up? Troubleshoot?

Sorry, can’t be of any help there. I’m staying away from OH2. If I’ll ever upgrade to it, it’ll be with kicking and screaming.


It’s not very obvious, but you need to enter a command in the openhab console to turn on debug logging:

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.insteonplm

I’m also having issues getting Netatmo running, it basically starts and stops within a millisecond and @Kai closed the defect :frowning:

I didn’t close it, I asked you to move it to the repo where the code is located that needs to be adapted. That’s all!
Issue will be addressed, no worries!

On the latest snapshot, ZWave, KNX, Homematic and others should run smoothly now.
I expect many other bindings can be fixed by - you can build this locally and have a try.

How are these configured now?

As described here.

Note that the issues are actually within the bindings, not in the runtime - the new runtime is merely more strict and hence the problems now surface. See also here for some background.

Thats disappointing news, I really appreciate and respect all the work you’ve done so far.

InsteonPLM works in OH2 if you use a USB PLM and not a hub.