insteonPLM support for Smartenit EZIO

I am looking to incorporate the Smartenit EZIO 2x4 into my OpenHab2 instance of the inteonplm binding.

Before I go through the work of getting the development environment setup I was just wondering if anyone was already working on this set of devices? If not, I will fork a branch to get them going (I don’t think a simple configuration will handle this device as it has multiple “channels” which need to be referenced.)

This is my first interaction with openhab beyond setting up my “items” and "sitemap"
I was thinking of copying the IOLinc as an example and replacing the commands with information provided by Smartenit here:

But if someone is already working on this I am happy to do any testing that may be helpful!

As far as I know, nobody has implemented this device yet. @Bernd_Pfrommer, do you know if anybody has implemented it yet? Unless code modifications are needed, you should be able to follow the instructions at

I don’t remember anybody working on this device. One suggestion though: first explore how the device works using InsteonTerminal. It’s much easier and faster to hack around there than in openhab. Once you know how the device responds to the various messages, then code it up in the insteonplm binding.

First, Thank you for the rapid responses, I am interested in contributing where I can to the insteonplm binding.

I looked at extending existing devices and did not see an easy way to reference the “channels” (command2) this devices uses, but I will look some more.

I will try the terminal to verify the commands match the specs provided by the manufacturer.