Instructions for demo setup on

Where have the instructions gone?
Cannot find them anymore :sunglasses:

Edit: okay, old url still works
but no link anymore to that page …

We had to (temporarily) remove the link as this tutorial was outdated, parts are now documented in different places, screenshots need to be updated… Maybe the interesting parts could be merged with the new tutorial by @DocFraggle !?

In short: $Somebody would need to invest some work. :sweat_smile:

Btw. @DocFraggle I’ve not forgotten about you :see_no_evil:

Okay, I’ve never read through it :slight_smile: but sometimes I refer to that page when new users ask for it …

I’m not against readding it.
To clarify: Which content would you be looking for there?

Just the instructions how to setup the demo.
I know for first time users one can just choose “demo” during first startup, but sometimes users who already installed it want to use the demo afterwards.

Hmmm… isn’t the real problem then, how one can reset the initial package selection?

The original demo.html doesn’t describe the functionality of the demo files, which might be what I would actually be looking for… at the moment it just contains some random details.

Damn, you made me read through that page for the first time :slight_smile:

You are right, I will stop referring to that page …

I actually think, a tutorial regarding the demo package would be a needed resource besides the demo package itself. As an end user I would expect such a document to guide me in my first few hours while being surrounded by a bunch of files. The emphasize is on “tutorial” btw.

A few thought:

  • Where would the tutorial be hosted? Besides the Beginner and Migration Tutorial? Inside the Beginner Tutorial? As one Tutorial here in the forum (and linked here)?
  • The tutorial should introduce the demo setup but should also shortly describe how to explore and extend it!?
  • The demo setup is currently a setup with config files only. In the Beginner Tutorial, you learn how to add things and items via Paper UI. How do we unify these worlds?