Integrate Hargassner WTH woodchip heater

Hi developers,

I own a Hargassner WTH woodchip heater. It is an older one. It does not have the the Hargassner Internet gateway. However it has an serial connector for maintenance.

3 years ago I developed an OSGI bundle that connects via the serial interface this heater and collects data from it. Everything is running in a Karaf 4 instance of raspi.
I installed also Asterisk on this raspi. The OSGI bundle uses Asterisk to make phone calls when alarms are detected.

I like to integrate this solution into OH3. I have the following possibilities in mind:

Option 1: Develop an new binding?
Option 2: Keeping a standalone solution and integrate via web service call or MQTT?

What is the best way to realize this integration?

Is someone else interested in this solution?