Integrate sensors and Openhab

Good day.

There are already a number of various sensors, which generates data packets rs485 with temperature, humidity, supply voltage. All this through one of the sensor (converter) is sent via http to a remote web-server and mysql in its database.
Minutes from the new sensor + binary, it is not similar to any of the existing industry.
Objective: without binding under the new developers openhab upload
data from sensors in Openhab 1.8.3, according to the Online mode

Tried to use a tcp binding but it does not work as we would like, the
question is solved on the forum openhaba Tcpbinding not correcly work
general, the web-server have php 5, I would like to use it to cause
openhab and send it together with the sensor ID and the resulting values
​​with him. In the extreme case, you can use http binding pick up with the
web-server on the sensor data, but it requires a control receiving
Openhab’om previously cast readings.

What are the proposals?

P.S. In Java, I do not special, Binding’ll write a couple of years = (

You could use openHAB’s REST API to PUT updates to items, since you already have code that updates a web server from the sensors.

So I did use Rest api.
Thank you.

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