Integrate Siemens Logo (plclogo) in OpenHAB 2

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(Stijn Van Hoof) #206

Hi guys,

New at the openhab2 story. I’ve managed to connect openhab2 with my 3 logo8 modules.
From paper UI I can see the status of my digital output switches , but when i flip the switch, nothing happens.
Like I have read only rights.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


(Alexander Falkenstern) #207

Hi @snowstriker,
Nothing: It’s not possible to set Q’s directly. I assume, that Logo simply overwrites value you set during next program cycle. It’s possible to set VB - memory blocks (memory thing) or Marker (digital thing with kind=“M”).
See documentation for details.

Kind regards,


PS: Thanks @skazi for testing!

(Kevin) #208


Im new here and need some help to start up.

I install openhab 2 on my raspery PI.
It works.

Now i want to install the addon.

I put it into the diretory.

But what are the next steps to get it in Paper UI? And the control panel.


(Stijn Van Hoof) #209

Hi @falkena,

I found a sheet for the corresponding memory blocks for logo8 and the digital outputs, yet the GUI didn’t accept my values. Do you have more documentation about how to find or calculate the right parameter to alter the digital outputs?

Same question for Marker, can’t find a lot of information about how to use the marker parameter.

if someone can just point me in the right direction I can try and test some things.


(Jacek Tomasiak) #210

@snowstriker try with something simple like here: Integrate Siemens Logo (plclogo) in OpenHAB 2 (including my following comments)

(Stijn Van Hoof) #211

Hi @skazi , I now have a working logo configuration with 3 logo devices. For some use cases( all lights out or off ) it uses NI and NQ for communicating between logo’s. I don’t have any VB value because I used the remote device parameter. So do i Need the use a new Network input , give it a local variable memory value and configure in logosoft what happens when openhab gives a signal?

(Alexander Falkenstern) #212

Hi @Kevin4,

please, download the right jar first:

Then remove org.openhab.* stuff from your addons folder. Then copy download jar into addons folder.
Now plclogo must be available in PaperUI.

Kind regards,


(Alexander Falkenstern) #213

Hi @snowstriker,

sadly yes. There is no another way i know…

Kind regards,


(Stefan) #214

Hi Guys,
long time no news in this thread. Just a quick question: is there any forseeable chance that the binding would ever be part of the official OH2 release?
I’m also checking frequently, but also no news there. I’d be too glad about having my Logo integrated in a stable/official release.
best regards,

(Moritz Ellerbrock) #215

Hi Everyone,

i just switched from FEHM to openHAB2.
I have read this thread top to bottom and i still have some issues i just can’t resolve.

As many of you explained, i downloaded the org.openhab.binding.plclogo-2.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file, moved it to the /usr/share/openhab2/addons folder and renamed it in every possible way i could think of
which one is the right way, because after every change i made i check in Paper UI under bindings and i have no luck in finding it.

Do i have to trigger the installation process for the binding to be visible in Paper UI?

i’m a little lost, please help me


(Alexander Falkenstern) #216

Hi @elmoritz,

no, there is no need to trigger some install. The common issue, that binding is not visible, is wrong jar.
See Integrate Siemens Logo (plclogo) in OpenHAB 2 for properly location. If it still will not work, please, ping me. I’ll rebase the branch against current master and rebuild the binding.

Kind regards,


PS: There must be only one org.openhab.binding.plclogo-2.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar in addons folder

(Moritz Ellerbrock) #217

Hi Alexander,

I’m still not getting closer.
everything i try, does not work.
is there any way to see what openHAB actually does or if it finds the file at all?

thank you for your help.

(Alexander Falkenstern) #218

Hi @elmoritz,

take a look here. Especially here.


will show, if binding was successfully load.

Kind regards,


EDIT: I rebuild addon against current master branch. You can grab it from my binary repository.

(Moritz Ellerbrock) #219

Hi Alexander,

Thank You for the great support and all the Help you have given me.

I figured it out, the binding won’t show up in the addons -> binding section because it is already in use.
I found it under Configuration -> Bindings
Thank you so much

(Alexander Falkenstern) #220

Hi @elmoritz,

great! Glad to hear, you got binding working.
Feel free to report bugs, if any :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


(Alexander Falkenstern) #221

Hallo everybody :slight_smile:
There are good news: Binding was merged and is available in last nightly.

There are minor changes in labels/description and so on. Nothing else.

Kind regards,


(Jacek Tomasiak) #222

@falkena Congrats!!! Good to have it upstreamed finally.

(Juri Tillmann) #223

Hi there,

@falkena thanks for this great Plugin! Works like a charm!

I have one question I didn’t figure out yet.
I want a rule which activates on a update of an input I. It works perfect with an Output Q but it doesn’t with Contacts.

My Config:

// things
Thing digital  Inputs [ kind="I" ]
Thing digital  Outputs [ kind="Q" ]
// items
Switch OutputQ1 { channel="plclogo:digital:Logo8_1:Outputs:Q1" }
Contact InputI1 { channel="plclogo:digital:Logo8_1:Inputs:I1" }
// rules
rule "Input1 Contact"
when Item InputI1 received update
  if (InputI1.state==ON) {
  } else {

any help would be appreciated!


(Alexander Falkenstern) #224

Hi @The_Source,

thanks :slight_smile: Welcome in the Logo-Gang :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

About your question: I can’t get your use case. I - Inputs are physical inputs, connected to physical push-buttons/switches. Do you try to activate proxy-switch, if button was pressed? Additionally, the reaction speed, depends on bridge refresh parameter. The higher refresh time is, the longer time it may take rule will fire. But updates are more robust aganst instable network connections. Smaller refresh time will result in quicker response. But, if your network connection is not very stable (for example wireless) updates may fail.

Kind regards,


(Juri Tillmann) #225

Hey @falkena,

no I don’t want to activate the Input, I just want to watch the current state.
It works for Outputs but I don’t get it to work for Inputs.

I need this because I have a hardware-switch and I need to know if it is activated and the only real solution is to use the Input-state for that.