Integrating rf controlled roller blinds in Openhab

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(4KAUTO) #1

Good day,
I am new to openhab and is wondering if there is a way to integrate my rf controlled roller blinds into openhab. I was thinking to use the SONOFF RF bridge or the Orvido rf bridge. Can these devices work with openhab?


(SiHui) #2

SONOFF is supported via MQTT:

(4KAUTO) #3

What about the SONOFF RF bridge? Has anyone used it to add RF switches to Openhab?

(Vincent Regaud) #4

You can flash tasmota on the sonoff RF bridge and use it with MQTT and/or openHAB to sniff/send all sorts of RF messages:

(4KAUTO) #5

I tried the sonoff rf bridge but it could not learn my blinds RF remote. I am thinking to use an USB RF433 Transceiver to control the blinds and then interface with OPENHAB through the serial binding. Is this possible guys? Please help.


(martiniman) #6

I use RFlink to control my rollshutters.
You can test it by pressing keys on your remote and view RFLink logs.

(4KAUTO) #7

Hi Martiniman,
Thanks for the feedback. Do you have a tutorial on how to do this? I am a newbie. What if I am running openhab on my pc can I just use the adrino and rflink gateway board to control the rf devices?