Integration from Google Home to Openhab


I’m quite new with openhab but i have already managed to set up my openhab instance, add items and even program some rules.

Question is:
I have blinds that are integrated with google home. I would like to integrate everything in openhab (i have already Mihome there) so is there a possibility to to control my blinds in this way: openhab->google home->blinds?

Thanks in advance for help

As far as I know, there is no specific support for blinds in Google Home (or at least in the openHAB integration). I guess you can use switch items to achieve some kind of integration though. At least, I have read of some people doing that here. They can help you more probably.

I have checked the community but all the topics are about integration in the other way: google home->openhab->blinds.

I looking for the integration in the other way.

Oh sorry, I misread your post. My fault.

I don’t think you can do this but I might be wrong. Maybe via IFTTT? :thinking:

What technology is used to control the blind? What brand are they? There may be a binding for them or another solution already exist.

just to be sure I understand, what do you want OpenHab to do in google home that you can’t do from google home itself?

aka why do you need openhab > google home > blinds

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The blinds are standard ones with 2 live wires for different rotation directions. I’m controlling with wall module from Polish open source project Supla. I know that there is an alpha binding for Supla but it doesn’t work with blinds, and also new binding ongoing but for now there is no connection.

I would like to have the complete home integrated in one system - i have also the Mi Home system - temperature sensor, water sensor… which i can’t integrate in goodle home. And the other thing is that i prefer the text programming than Google Home Scenes

I understand you want one system. Openhab is desigend for that (as far as I can tell) and i really great at that.
What I don’t get it why it’s openhab > google home > blinds

how I see openhab (and that seems to fit to your why) , is openhab is in the middle of everything I use around my house.
Openhab is the center. It talks to my blinds
openhab is also connect to my amazon echo.

I ask alexa to turn on lights (in your case) you blinds.

So yes you can ask openhab to do anything it is connected to, including doing google home stuff.

if there is no openhab google home integration for blinds yet, google home knows how to do that, it might be that you need a virtual switch like @lostcontrol says.

Anybody successfully get Google Home routines working with OH? I’m able to “sync my devices” without error, and switch specific OH devices on/off via GH, but if I try to run a routine, GH barks that it is “unable to reach [OH item]”, but then actually switches the item on. So it does work, but gives the ugly unable to reach message.

I swear when I was first testing, this didn’t happen, but now I cannot get it to go away.

I’ve re-sync’d devices, disconnected and reconnected my OH account. Restarted OH, issued “smarthome.items clear” in the console.

Any tips out there?

I’ve done some debugging on that issue, but on the openHAB side, it is all working ok. The actions happen, only the response is weird. Its on Google’s side.